Keep your rabbits and guinea pigs warm this winter

With night-time temperatures set to hover around freezing for the next few months, it’s important to make sure your rabbits and guinea pigs are tucked up warm.

Our top winter tips:

  • Insulate the hutch. Provide lots of straw in the bedroom compartment so that rabbits and guinea pigs can nestle in the middle to keep warm. Old blankets on the roof, covered by a tarpaulin can also be used as a make-shift hutch cover if you aren’t able to buy one.
  • Keep them company. It’s common to spend less time with your outdoor fluffballs during the shorter Winter days but this can cause them to feel lonely. Make sure you find time to provide a similar level of affection as in the warmer months.
  • Check their water regularly. Water bottles with a metal ball freeze quickly, keep an eye on this and make sure you test the end as often as possible. It’s worth buying or making an insulated cover for the body of the bottle too.
  • Feed extra hay. Cold rabbits use more energy to keep warm so make sure they have access to good quality hay at all times.

Find out what the experts at the RSPCA and BLUE CROSS have to say too.

There’s no need to worry about your favourite Farm Park critter, all of our rabbits and guinea pigs will be housed inside over the winter and our fabulous team will continue to provide excellent care.