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An Important Day: Preparing for Piglets!

Ellen our Iron Age Pig is in Farrow, expecting her piglets soon.

Join Harry & Luke as they move her to a more suitable home to give birth and learn about our farrowing process and how we ensure a safe pig transit across the farm.


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Piglets Are Due, Mother Pig Is On The Move!

Harry, our new Livestock Manager, and Luke, one of our dedicated farm assistants, are preparing to transport Ellen, our friendly Iron Age pig, to a new enclosure as she gets ready to give birth to her piglets.

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Meet Ellen: Our Unique Iron Age Pig

Ellen is not your average pig. She's an Iron Age pig, a fascinating crossbreed between a wild boar and a Tamworth sow. Her unique characteristics, including a longer snout and a beautiful coat with orange flecks, make her a favourite among visitors.

The Move to a New Enclosure

Harry and Luke are moving Ellen to a new display area at the farm park where she will be more comfortable as she prepares to farrow, the process of giving birth to piglets. Using a special mix of nutrient-rich food pellets, Harry and Luke guide Ellen onto a trailer. This careful handling ensures she is calm and stress-free during the move.

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Signs of Farrowing

As they prepare for the journey, Harry explains the signs of farrowing to Luke. Visitors might find it fascinating to learn that a pig’s teats fill with milk and they start building a nest from straw when they are close to giving birth. Ellen, being an experienced mother, will soon show these signs as she prepares to welcome her new litter

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Creating a Safe and Enriching Environment

Once Ellen is safely transported, she will be placed in an enclosure shared with our Shetland sheep. To ensure the safety and comfort of all animals, Ellen will receive a nose ring to prevent her from rooting around and disrupting the enclosure. Additionally, enrichment items will be provided to keep her engaged and happy.

Why Visit Cotswold Farm Park?

If you’re searching for “farm park near me” or “things to do today,” look no further than Cotswold Farm Park. It’s the best farm park for a family day out, offering an array of activities that are perfect for kids and adults alike. From learning about animal care to watching the excitement of new piglets being born, there’s always something happening at the farm.

 Ellen’s piglets are expected in early July, right in time for the school holidays. It’s the perfect opportunity for your children to learn about farm life and see adorable piglets up close.


Join us at Cotswold Farm Park for a day filled with fun, learning, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re local or just visiting, it’s the perfect destination for the best farm park experience in the Cotswolds. Plan your visit today and be part of Ellen’s exciting journey.

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