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A quintessential School Trip!

Immerse your students in an engaging and educational experience at Cotswold Farm Park, where learning meets fun.

With our comprehensive program, we aim to create memorable moments, foster curiosity, and inspire a deeper understanding of farming, animals, and the countryside.

Book your school visit today and embark on a journey of discovery!

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NEW FOR 2024

Our pricing structure has changed this year. If you have larger groups, the cost per child is reduced, so why not bring 2 classes along instead of one?

Prepare for an immersive and educational experience like never before, with enhanced activities, increased animal interaction, improved organisation, and a greater emphasis on learning!

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What can you expect?

Tailored Educational Workshops:

All school groups, from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3, will receive a 45-minute talk customised to suit their relevant age group.

Our expert team will cover a range of topics related to Cotswold Farm Park and farming on a broader scale.

For groups beyond Key Stage 3, please reach out to us as we can accommodate educational visits up to degree level.

Pre-School and Nursery groups may request a talk, but we find it's often better to just explore, touch, feel and experience the farm park at this age.

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Pre-Visit Learning Material:

To prepare your students for the visit, we offer downloadable resources that align with the educational talk and what you will discover during your time at Cotswold Farm Park.

These materials can be utilised in the classroom before your trip, enhancing the learning experience.

Download pre-visit info

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Pre-Visit Teacher Familiarisation:

We welcome up to 4 adults to visit our park in advance of the booking, allowing you to familiarise yourselves with the surroundings.

While it is absolutely fine to arrive on the day without prior familiarisation, we understand the value of this opportunity for some group leaders.

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Self-Led Activities

Designed to be both educational and enjoyable.

Whether it's exploring the play equipment, embarking on a treasure hunt in the woodlands, or participating in animal identification "bingo" on the rare breeds trail, we have created activities that provide a blend of learning and fun.

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Teacher/Leader Information Packs

For the self-led activities, we provide comprehensive information packs to ensure you have all the necessary guidance to make the most of your visit.

You won't have to wonder about what to do next or the correct way to feed a goat. We have taken care of all the details!

Download information pack

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Post-Visit Learning Material

To extend the learning experience beyond the park, we provide activities and supplementary information for discussion in the classroom after your visit.

This allows students to continue their educational journey even after they have left Cotswold Farm Park. See 'Explorify' below. 

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    Waymarked Map

    We provide a map to assist you in navigating the park, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both teachers and students.

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    Designated Lunch Area

    A dedicated indoor lunch area is provided for your group, allowing you to enjoy your packed lunches comfortably.

    Contact Us

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    Feed the Animals

    We provide ample animal feed for all the children, ensuring our goats and sheep are well-fed and happy throughout your visit.

    Visit the Farm Park

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Up to 20 children and 4 adults £250
Up to 30 children and 6 adults £300
Up to 40 children and 8 adults £360
Up to 50 children and 10 adults £400
Up to 70 children and 14 adults £420
Up to 100 children and 20 adults £500

Assisting larger groups and helping schools with coach requirements or where applicable, multiple coach requirements.

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School Group Booking Enquiries

Please complete the form in full to make an enquiry about booking your school in to Cotswold Farm Park for an educational farm trip!

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Additional Resources

Extra activities for schools can be found now on www.explorify.uk

We recommend signing up for Explorify as a teacher (It’s FREE) and having a look at the activities we’ve worked with them to create.

These can be found by searching for Cotswold Farm Park in the search bar.

These would compliment your trip perfectly after visiting, but you can complete any of them at any time.

Visit Explorify